ÖZTÜRK PLASTİK is an active company in plastic sector since 1974 and its new brand Fixplus creates differencies with its solution-focused products in construction industry.

Our company is run under ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard and offers to its customers different solutions with a wide range of Fixplus branded products. 

Since the beginning our company has adopted quality production policy and certified ISO: 9001 Quality Management System in 2003.

Our main policy is to maintain production quality at highest level completing all required processes by the quality management system.

As follows our company;

  • At all stages, to be a reliable and trustable company which answers to customer’s requirements in an understanding that fully meets their needings and expectations.
  • To reduce costs and to increase profitability by following and applying new technological developments.
  • In the framework of our quality system, aim to make all employees more competent and able to use their talents at the highest level.
  • To provide awareness of quality with all employees.
  • To be in collaboration with suppliers and customers based on trust.
  • To carry abroad our technical know-how, administrative knowledge and savings in order to make better known the name of our company and Turkey.
  • Finding the most appropriate, accurate and economical solutions in the fastest way, to avoid the inconveniences that may arise later.
  • To make each started project completed in time, fully compatible with its criteria,  within highest level techniques and budget limits.
  • To adopt a principle of being an exemplary company that respects for society and environment we are in and also to contribute to country's economy developing business volume continuously.
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