BS60 Series 


  • BS60  Used in tiling applications to create raised floors with natural stone, ceramic and composite flooring materials.

  • BS60 Supports can be used to create raised floors at varying heights from 32mm up to 250mm on flat or uneven surfaces.

  • Thanks to its high technical capacity, it is ideal for private and public areas. It can be used safely in places such as terraces, balconies, rooftops, sun lounges, verandas, swimming pool areas, parks, villas, gardens, information processing centers, distribution companies, call centers, education facilities where intense human traffic is available.

  • Made from 100% eco-friendly material.

  • Withstand extreme weather conditions within temperature ranging from -40° to +80

  • In the applications of BS60 Serie, it is recommended to use a fifth support at the center of the tile to ensure to distribute the load equally.

  • Apart from 32mm - 110mm high fixed modules  the required height can be set with compatible extensions fitted to these modules. Maximum height is 250mm. BS60 Serie is not recommended for applications over 250mm heights.



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